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Supply - of all leading AV Equipment's across the Globe

Gamasound is pleased to offer comprehensive Supply of all the Leading Manufacturers Audio-visual equipment's as part of our project package as well as for the integration Market Across Mena and India, with vast product ranges from Small to Large complex systems.

From programming of complex Audio- Video systems to on-site system tuning, measurement and alignment, Gamasound is once again uniquely qualified. We specialize in turn-key design with customized user interfaces and rock-solid system tuning for the ultimate performance.

Engineering services are usually included as part of a larger comprehensive design package. To ensure that our systems perform as specified, we prefer to implement our Audio- Video configurations and user interface software directly at the job site when possible.

Gamasound engineering services are also available outside the context of a design project. Although we prefer to perform our tuning and alignment services for our own system designs, we do offer, on a limited basis, these services directly to system integrators, end users or other consultants on request. Our team mixes expertise in technical, operational and Audio Visual room design, with innovative Audio- Video - Lighting and Technical furniture design skills.

Gamasound work with clients across many market sectors - from corporate and financial businesses to universities, hospitals, public sector and government. From all this experience, we are able to provide expert advice on how to select, integrate and deploy new technologies for maximum effect and ROI.


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