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Our standard maintenance contract keeps your system in the best shape possible and minimizes downtime – especially during those important meetings. During each quarterly preventative check-up visit, our technicians will clean each system component and ensure all hardware is functioning as expected. Our detailed reporting keeps you aware of your current system status, maintenance visit logs, consumables life span (IE: Projector Lamps or Patch Cables), and potential hardware failures before they become a problem. GAMASOUND keeps the scheduling up to date and will inform you when your next service is so you don’t have to think about your maintenance. We call that peace of mind and we think you will agree.

Acoustic modelling to predict and refine sound quality within conference and concert halls, theatres, opera houses, exhibition areas and museums is undertaken at AAD by computer simulation using Numerical Integration Technologies Ray Tracing, Mirror Image Source and Conical Beam algorithms within geometrical acoustical models of the proposed building.We are able to compute and display three dimensional colour maps including Sound Pressure Level, Definition, Clarity Index, Early Decay Time, Lateral Efficiency (example for fan shaped auditoria) and RASTI-Index, each within short computation times.

Technical Support & Emergency Service-Technical support issues are routed through Gamasound 24/7 Service Operations Centers (SOC) and an experienced technician is ready to address your concerns. If further support is required, GAMASOUND technical specialist is available for dispatch.

Equipment Repair-dedicated service centers ensure priority turnaround. Where practical and available, a replacement can be provided from GAMASOUND loan stock to ensure that there is little or no downtime. GAMASOUND can also be contracted to stock mission-critical equipment

Preventative Maintenance-A well-managed preventative maintenance program extends the life of your equipment and minimizes downtime and repair costs. Periodic professional calibration can also optimize the image quality of your projectors and displays.


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