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Intelligent architectural lighting systems

From initial design concepts throughout, Gama sound’s bespoke lighting control solutions ensure an outstanding and efficient end result crafted by experts and built on proven technologyControl your lighting environment to ensure your building is as energy efficient as possiblecreate ambiance and reduce maintenance through use of daylight harvesting, scene setting, presence / absence detection and the new exciting tunable white or human centric lighting which balances artificial light to simulate the natural daylight cycle so helping to improve occupants’ energy levels, mood, performance and sleep patterns.Fully addressable and networkable, combining state-of-the-art technology meets the most demanding lighting control and energy management applications cost effectively. Scene Selection Plates allow lights to be controlled at different levels and in different groups to create ‘room scenes’. We can program between one and eight different scenes, raise / lower light levels and switch lights on and off. Fade rates can be configured to meet the needs of the surrounding environment.Having lights on in an empty room or space costs money so we use sensors to detect presence and absence and automatically turn lights on or off as required. There are two types of sensor:PIR (Passive Infra-Red) Detectors detect change in the infra-red spectrum from body heat and movement within a defined field. Microwave Detectors transmit energy and measure the energy reflected back from objects in the room. They are very sensitive to movement and operate over long ranges and through glass. They are ideal for large spaces and awkward shaped areas where fine motion detection is required.


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